Plant dynamic and climate change in the Andes

Great workshop on plant dynamics in the Andes in relation to the impact of climate change! Motivating interactions among researchers from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and UK with lots of opportunities arising for the knowledge and conservation of Andean plants.
Muy buen taller sobre dinámica de plantas en los Andes en relación al cambio climático. Investigadores de Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia y Reino Unido interactuando con grandes oportunidades a la vista de aportar al conocimiento y conservación de las plantas andinas.

It was organized by the British Council and CONICET, funded by Newton Fund, and took place at IANIGLA in Mendoza between 15th-18th August 2018.

The workshop aimed to bring together senior and early career researchers in the field of plant sciences, conservation, climate change and modelling from Latin America and the UK to:

a) Take stock of studies and knowledge gaps of climate change in the tropical and extratropical Andes.

b) Collaboratively develop and international and interdisciplinary program of work/funding proposals to assess the impact of climate change along the Andes.

c) Develop plans and resources to summarize and communicate the current state of knowledge to conservation agencies, decision-makers, the general public and scientists.

Topic addressed included:

Monitoring biodiversity and forest dynamics.

Climate change impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem services.

Climate models and expected changes.

Climate change driven shifts in species distributions.



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